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IMPORTANT – The Forever Loot Rewards Scheme has now been replaced by Instant Cashback & Coupon Code Rewards.
This page will be updated shortly to reflect these changes

Top 5 Forever Loot Rewards Ideas For All Buyers

Earn Forever Loot Rewards points when shopping with Forever Natural Health and earn free gifts, like the ones below, or save for that special Cash Bonus or Amazon Gift Voucher!

Loot DetailsGetPointsGetLoot
Aloe Lips13
Aloe Sun Lips13
Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant15
Avocado Face & Body Soap15
Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant15

What are Forever Loot Reward Points?

Every time you buy any product from any of our sites, you can earn the Forever Loot Rewards points that are stated on the product sales page.

So, for example, if you bought the Forever C9 Diet Pack, you would earn 7 Loot Reward Points, regardless of the amount you paid.
You could then save that up to use against a future product gift idea, or you could look to find a gift that was within the Points Value you have just earned.
(Please bear in mind there is a slight delay between purchase and redeeming though, just to protect against credit card failures, etc.)

Assuming you had just earned 7 points, you could maybe look at the table above and see that Aloe Sun Lips are only 3 points to claim.
You could claim one, or even two of these, and still have spare Loot Reward Points sat in your account.
(please do read the limitations stated below about 1st time redemption).

Hint: Using your points in this way is a great way to try out new products, or maybe pick up those little gifts for your family and friends.

Get Points, Get Loot

If you look at the Top 5 Table above, you will see the middle column is labelled ‘GetPoints’.
This is the amount of Loot Points you will earn when buying that product.
These points are added to your Loot Account once the purchase has been shipped.
You can then choose to save or spend the points however you wish (bearing in mind the 3 exceptions detailed further down this page).

The points are not linked to the price you pay, so even when there are offers, or when you are buying from a discounted level, you will still get the same amount of points that are shown in our Loot Rewards Points Chart.

Depending on how you choose to save, you can claim your Loot Gifts from within your Loot Account Dashboard.
(you won’t be able to see this until you have made at least one purchase and been added to the Loot Rewards Scheme).

For great ideas on how to use your Loot Reward points, see the sections below.

Save Loot Points for your ideal gift

You can save up your points for as long as you wish.
This way, if you are a regular buyer, you could always run up a Loot Reward Points balance.
You could then use the points to:

  • buy gifts for family or friends;
  • save up for a product that you never budgeted for, but really want to try;
  • Save up for a gift card or cash at Christmas, holiday times or whenever you reach your own ‘Personalised Target’.

If you want to send a gift, then tell us that’s the reason, give us the details and we will gift wrap and post it directly for you (at no extra cost).

If you want to save for a special event, then there are even more incentives, but keep reading on for those.

Save for an Amazon Gift Card

You might not really want a forever Natural Health product as your bonus.
After all, there is a world of great gifts over on Amazon.

If this is attractive to you, just let us have the details and we will send you an Amazon gift Card, direct to your Amazon account.

You will need to allow up to 7-days from the date of your request to see this gift card arrive in your Amazon account.
So if this is your preference, then plan ahead to be safe.

We do have a minimum redemption value of 50 Loot Reward Points for this request.

Or better yet, save for that special day or treat – and get even more value from your points

This is maybe the best deal you can get from the Loot Reward Points scheme.

Set a target of 100 Loot Reward Points or more, and when you reach your target, we will add another 10% as our own special reward for achieving your goals.

With one Loot Point equalling GBP1.00 (£1.00), you can easily work out how many points you need to reach to achieve your goals.

Then, if your target is £100 to spend at Christmas, as long as you hit that target, we will add another £10, just because you are a massive achiever!

Reach for £500 and get an additional £50 just for being great!

Do note:

  • Requests must be linked to targets and with at least 10 days notice of any withdrawal
  • The 10% bonus is only paid on big Plans for Savings, and only when your target is reached.
  • You can request an early withdrawal or target value reduction, but this will forfeit the 10% bonus payment

How to Register and/or Claim Your Gifts

Whenever you buy any products from the network of Forever Natural Health sites (as listed on our Site Directory), you will be asked for your permission for us to enrol you in our Loot rewards scheme.

Once we have that permission, an account will be created, and you will be given access to track your bonus points.

Within 72-hours of any purchase, you will see your reward points shown in your account, and you will be able to spend or save, however or whenever you choose.

The points are given, no matter what type of buyer you are, whether a Retail customer, a Novus Member, or even a Forever Manager. As long as the purchase is made through one of our sites, the product points will be credited to your account.

The only rules we apply right now are:

  1. Your 1st withdrawal must be for over 10 Loot Credit Points
  2. You must allow 72-hours for points to be added or deducted, to safeguard against failed orders or fraudulent claims
  3. You reserve the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ at any time in accordance with Data Protection and/or GDPR